What is the definition period?

The definition or the definition period is one of the most used sports terms. It is an effective period in which we get results by keeping the nutrition and training process under control in order to lose weight and burn fat.
For this reason, we can continue our article that we have prepared for you to have detailed information about what the cutting period does, how to cut fat to burn fat and gain muscle volume, and nutrition plans.
Definition or Definition Period is the training and nutrition process for fat burning in order to expand the body volume and gain muscle mass, then break up our muscles and make them more prominent.
In particular, the “definition and bulking” period is entered in bodybuilding sports. During the bulk period, muscle mass is obtained by expanding the body volume, then a definition diet is applied to break down the muscle mass obtained and make it more prominent.
It is possible to develop muscle and burn fat at the same time. In addition to this method, which is usually applied by professional athletes in 2 periods, you can also burn fat by developing muscle. It is a periodic application period.

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