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Located in the Iskele area, which is on its way to becoming the heart of Cyprus, our Royal Sun Fitness and CrossFit hall is a functional training center suitable for all fitness levels, from novice to professional athlete. In addition to strength and cardio training, there are programs such as spinning, indoor swimming pool, yoga, pilates, reformer pilates and many more alternatives in our hall. Are you ready to join us on this path we set out with our professional instructors? We are not just a gym, we are a center of healthy living. We can accompany you throughout from our training programs to your nutrition. Join us, do not live without sports.

Why Choose Us



We are a team of experienced trainers and we are especially carefull about being professional.



We are also a friendly family. With us, you can feel at ease and safe while working hard for achieving your goals.



Our knowledge and experience ensures that what we do is backed up by research and our decisions are solid.



While offering a high quality service, we also want it to be accessible and affordable.

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