What are calories?

The calorie is the energy source necessary for the vital functions of the human organism, namely our body, and for our daily activities. It also serves to define the energy amount of food sources. By calculating your daily calorie needs, calorie is the best measurable metric you can use when organizing your nutrition program. The energy source that the body spends in order to continue its vital functions and to carry out its daily work is called “calories burned”. We call the amount of energy we get from various food sources as “calories”. Therefore, if we eat fewer calories than we burn, we lose weight. Our body can lose this weight as fat, muscle and water. In this case, since the athletes who make a well-prepared training program will have difficulty in losing muscle, an effective fat burning will take place with the training. As the muscle volume develops, the muscles remain under intense pressure, and due to the energy needed, the calorie burning increases and the stored fat cells are burned. For this reason, we can say that nutrition for definition should be supported with physical sports activity to accelerate the process in a healthy way. In fact, it is an effective interconnected process. So how can we achieve this? Whatever your goal is to achieve your Weight Change Goal, you can start by calculating your daily calorie needs. In order to achieve weight change goals, it is important to know your daily calorie needs. In this way, you can organize your nutrition program more healthily. For this, you need to first calculate your basal metabolic rate in order to find your daily calorie needs. With the calorie calculation tool we have prepared for you, you can easily calculate both your daily calorie needs and your basal metabolic rate.

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