Hiit Cardio

Young happy athletic woman wearing headphones while jogging on running track in health club.

The intensity of this exercise program is increased by aerobic-based methods with a certain speed and rest interval. In this program, which provides more fat burning in a shorter time than walking, the average movement time is 30 seconds, then the other movement is started with 10 seconds of rest. Our Hiit workout program is a 30-minute program.
Protects muscle mass: Oxygen is very much needed in training. Fat burning accelerates as oxygen is taken. Diet programs can melt muscle mass along with fat. Hiit training, on the other hand, provides the preservation of muscle mass along with fat burning.

It is versatile: It works all muscle groups thanks to equipment, not a single muscle focus.

Increases endurance: It pushes your limits, increases body resistance, and also contributes to heart health.

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